Tattoo Aftercare 

  •  If covered with basic bandage remove bandage after 1-2 hours. (If tattoo was covered with Saniderm bandage remove after 3-7 days) 

  • Wash tattoo twice daily for 7-10 days with a liquid antibacterial soap. Wash with only clean hands. Do not use a wash cloth. Pat dry with a paper towel.

  • Apply a THIN LAYER of artist recommended ointment to the tattoo for 7-10 days. Wash hands thoroughly before applying ointment. Rub ointment in as if applying lotion. Do not oversaturate.

  • No water submersion or direct sunlight for two weeks on the tattooed area.

  • Tattoos peel when they are healing. DO NOT PICK AT THE PEELING SKIN! 

  • Your tattoo will itch during the healing process. If necessary you may slap or poke it to relieve the itching but do not scratch.

  • Wear loose clothing over the tattooed area for 2-4 weeks.

  • Never touch your new tattoo with dirty hands! Always wash hands thoroughly before washing your tattoo or applying ointment.